A ship carries a lot of goods. However, it is an important home and workplace for the sailors who handle it. We must establish an environment in which it is easy to work, and must pass a number of tests to be able to play an active role in seas in Japan and the rest of the world.

We carefully and cautiously proceed with construction up to delivery to establish a comfortable living space where it is possible to recover from the tiredness of everyday, and to develop the important facilities that protect the lives of the sailors.
Atsushi Kimura
Manager of Inspection Section
This is my fourth year in the company. I am responsible for communicating with design subcontractors, checking drawings, and releasing and correcting pipe manufacturing drawings.

I sometimes go to the construction site and devise solutions to problems while talking to the people in charge, and create the necessary drawings and manufacturing drawings with CAD. In addition, I also board ships during their trial run at sea. I record and compile data on speed tests and turning tests.

I have little experience as a shipbuilding engineering; there are also many things I still don’t know about or understand. However, I want to become an engineer who can be entrusted with the overall piping design by studying each area one by one to build up my experience.
Masaki Adachi
Design Department